Month: September 2019

Welcome back!

Staff at Mount Street Junior School would like to offer a warm welcome to all our new pupils. Everyone has been busy settling in this week and adjusting to their new surroundings and routines.

The whole school have been looking at ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ as their new topic. The children have been researching and deciding which rights work for their class. For example the right to listen, the right to speak, the right to be safe etc.

The Upper Juniors will be moving on to a new topic called ‘Car-tastrophe?’ they will look into the history of the car, designing their own car and then making it during D.T lessons.


The three Upper Junior classes will be swimming from Monday 9th September up until Christmas.

A welcome letter will be sent out today with all children, if you do not receive one please pop into the school office and we will get you a copy. Also a letter will be sent out to children who are interested in taking up Violin or Brass lessons.

Finally, we are collecting the Team GB stickers from Aldi, they are running ‘Aldi’s Kit for Schools’ with enough stickers we could be one of the twenty primary schools in with a chance of winning £20,000.