Month: January 2020

Cwis Dim Clem

Congratulations to our teams who participated in ‘Cwis Dim Clem’ competition this week. Both teams demonstrated a very good general knowledge of Wales and Welsh culture as well as the ability to translate from Welsh to English and vice versa. The results were very close with Team A scoring 34 points and Team B scoring 29 points. A very close competition indeed. Only twelve teams from across the region can go through to the next round, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Mount Street Juniors Team A have scored enough points to secure their place in the next round.



As part of the Lower Junior Chocoholics topic the children have been investigating the melting of chocolate. Our literacy focus at the moment is instructional writing and as a special treat the children planned and made chocolate stirrers. They had to choose the toppings they’d like to add and using their instructional writing techniques plan the task. Each child got to choose if they’d like white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate and then looked at how the different types of chocolate melted. Once the stirrers were made we put them in the fridge to set ready for home time. We were all very excited to see the finished product when we popped them out of the mould! 

Year 3 Mathematical Monsters

Mrs Woods’ Year 3 class have had lots of fun this week applying their numeracy skills. They were given the challenge of building a monster from coloured unifix blocks. Each coloured block had a monetary value which was set out on a sheet, they had to calculate each block and make sure not to spend over £5. Here is one example of a scary unifix monster as you can see there are lots of working outs and the grand total comes to £3.64.