Month: March 2020

Mount Street Junior School Eisteddfod

The entire school came together on Tuesday to take part in Mount Street Junior Schools Eisteddfod. The children spent time in their teams practising recitation pieces, folk dancing and individual competitions.  There was a great feeling of team spirit throughout the school building up to the main day. The children were excited to represent their teams in group competitions as well as individual. There was a very high standard with all entries and the judges found it very difficult to pick their winners. We had an on the day Welsh quiz with members from each team coming forward to pick their brains to win points for teams. Teaching staff also made a team of four and went up against the highly competitive children. It proved to be a very close competition.

The winning team on the day was Coch, however it was could have gone to any team throughout the morning.  Seren Edwards was acknowledged and celebrated for her outstanding writing contribution, the children and staff watched her being crowned in the Bard ceremony.

Congratulations to all the winners, llongyfarchiadau.