Author: NatalieWilliams

Mount Street Junior School Eisteddfod

The entire school came together on Tuesday to take part in Mount Street Junior Schools Eisteddfod. The children spent time in their teams practising recitation pieces, folk dancing and individual competitions.  There was a great feeling of team spirit throughout the school building up to the main day. The children were excited to represent their teams in group competitions as well as individual. There was a very high standard with all entries and the judges found it very difficult to pick their winners. We had an on the day Welsh quiz with members from each team coming forward to pick their brains to win points for teams. Teaching staff also made a team of four and went up against the highly competitive children. It proved to be a very close competition.

The winning team on the day was Coch, however it was could have gone to any team throughout the morning.  Seren Edwards was acknowledged and celebrated for her outstanding writing contribution, the children and staff watched her being crowned in the Bard ceremony.

Congratulations to all the winners, llongyfarchiadau.


Chwarae gyda’in gilydd!

On Thursday, the Year 4 pupils taught and played Welsh themed games with the Year 2 pupils from Mount Street Infants School. Both the mentors and the students from Year 4 and Year 2 had a brilliant time and welcomed each other with open arms. They enjoyed playing ‘Anifeiliaid’ and ‘Bore Da’. The children were put into mixed year groups and settled well with their peers.


We look forward to welcoming the Year 2 children very soon.


Cwis Dim Clem

Congratulations to our teams who participated in ‘Cwis Dim Clem’ competition this week. Both teams demonstrated a very good general knowledge of Wales and Welsh culture as well as the ability to translate from Welsh to English and vice versa. The results were very close with Team A scoring 34 points and Team B scoring 29 points. A very close competition indeed. Only twelve teams from across the region can go through to the next round, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Mount Street Juniors Team A have scored enough points to secure their place in the next round.



As part of the Lower Junior Chocoholics topic the children have been investigating the melting of chocolate. Our literacy focus at the moment is instructional writing and as a special treat the children planned and made chocolate stirrers. They had to choose the toppings they’d like to add and using their instructional writing techniques plan the task. Each child got to choose if they’d like white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate and then looked at how the different types of chocolate melted. Once the stirrers were made we put them in the fridge to set ready for home time. We were all very excited to see the finished product when we popped them out of the mould! 

Year 3 Mathematical Monsters

Mrs Woods’ Year 3 class have had lots of fun this week applying their numeracy skills. They were given the challenge of building a monster from coloured unifix blocks. Each coloured block had a monetary value which was set out on a sheet, they had to calculate each block and make sure not to spend over £5. Here is one example of a scary unifix monster as you can see there are lots of working outs and the grand total comes to £3.64.

Christmas Fair

Each class enjoyed thinking of a money raising stall to run in the fair. We had lots of different ideas again this year, all proving very popular. The Upper Junior classes had a variety of stalls including snowball throwing competition, chocolate lollipops and tombola. The Lower Junior classes had a lucky dip, chocolate treat stall and name the bear. A new addition to the festivities this year were two visiting reindeer and Santa making a welcome appearance. The children were thrilled to have photos with them even in the awful weather conditions.

Thank you to everyone that came and supported our Christmas Fair this year.

From all the staff at Mount Street Junior School we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Year 3 and 4 Brecon War Museum trip

The Year 3 and 4 classes took it in turns to visit the Brecon War Museum this week. On arrival they were met by Mrs Holcroft who was ready to start the children’s evacuee experience. After a chat about World War 2 the children entered the drama room which was sectioned into different areas. They moved around the room in groups enjoying the Parlour, The shop and the Air Raid Wardens office. The children got the opportunity to dress up in war time clothes which helped them really get into their parts. After lunch the children went outside and entered the air raid shelter 6 at a time. Again they had a full experience and imagined how cramped and dark it would have been. I think its safe to say all the children and staff had a fantastic time.