Croeso! Welcome!

Croeso cynnes iawn i Ysgol Iau Mount Street. A warm welcome to Mount Street Junior School.

It is very important to us that all children enjoy their experience in school and are involved in decisions about their own learning and how to improve the school. As there are a number of different nationalities in our school community, we have an inclusive and caring ethos where we place relationships at the heart of our everyday practice.

The well being of young people is fundamental in them achieving the highest standards.

We are an open and approachable school and we believe that communication with pupils, parents / carers and all stakeholders should be regular and respectful.

In addition, we have high expectations regarding standards of work and behaviour.

We are a reflective school and always try to resolve any difficulties calmly. We recognise that school can be a challenge for many young people, therefore, we aim to develop resilience in our children and give them the life skills they need in order for them to evolve fully as individuals.

The school is set in the heart of the Brecon Beacons and we use the historic town of Brecon as a natural resource to engage our pupils. We aim to develop learners as informed citizens in learning about the environment and their understanding of sustainability in the local area and beyond.

We also recognise the unique qualities of Wales and our position in the world. We promote the use of the Welsh language on a daily basis.

We endeavour to provide as many experiences for our pupils as we can. This includes music, culture, craft and sports, as well as academic studies in order that their talents can flourish in becoming life long learners.

Our school rules are : Ready, Respectful, Safe.

Diolch yn Fawr

Julian Hopkins


Our School Vision

This vision was developed with school staff, parents/carers and the Governing Body.

At MSJS we aim to develop an inclusive, nurturing community where diversity of all pupils is accepted and understood. We recognise that all stakeholders are vital in supporting pupils in order to develop their skills, resilience and confidence to be able to deal with challenges and achieve their aspirations.

Our vision is to further develop the local area as a natural curriculum for pupils to understand and be curious about the world, where they are able to recognise their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a tolerant society.

Pupil Vision

At Mount Street Junior School , we aim to include, support and accept everyone in a caring environment. We understand that each person is different and may need support in different ways.
We know that everyone involved in our learning is very important in helping us to develop our skills, resilience and confidence to overcome challenges and do well in life.
Our goal is to try to learn from everything around us, where we live and from the people that we meet. We want to show respect towards everyone, no matter who they are and where they come from.

We want to work together to achieve our dreams and our potential.

Safeguarding Officers-

Mr.J.Hopkins -Head Teacher

Mrs.A.Waghorn- Deputy Head Teacher/Additional Learning Needs Co-Ordinator

Mrs. J. Wolfe- Safeguarding Governor